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Practical Skills That Nourish & Connect

The Center for Mindful Living is pleased to offer workshops and seminars designed for health care practitioners and for the general public.




Mindful Heart/Conscious Eating

No matter how much we eat we’ll never fill the hole in our heart through our stomach. Mindfulness and meditation can facilitate the exploration of your relationship to eating and food, and provide an opportunity to see more clearly the connection of body, mind and heart.

Weight, diets and rules are not the focus of this group. The focus is on skills and understanding that allow you to shift your relationship with food and eating so that they take a balanced place in your life. The intention is for you to feel more in control of your life and your eating, and to fully enjoy both.

If you are a woman who has used food to comfort, punish, numb or reward and you want to develop a healthier relationship with food and your body, this group is a place to begin that journey. The group process includes instruction in simple mindfulness meditations, mindful movement, skill-building eating awareness instruction and group discussion. No meditation experience is necessary.

The number of participants in this on-going group is limited. The group meets once a month. A six-session commitment is required.

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