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Many people tell me they canít learn to meditate because they can't stop the thoughts in their head and they can't relax. Theyíre usually surprised to hear that meditation is not about having an empty head, stopping thoughts, or even relaxing, although relaxation is a common by-product of meditating.

Mindfulness meditation is about cultivating a gentle curiosity about yourself. Most of us go through life on "automatic pilot." Being mindful is about being less in the future and past, and more in the present moment so that your life doesnít pass you by. Itís learning to focus your mind when and where you want it, and about becoming less judgmental and more trusting of your own wisdom so that you can make wiser choices about your life.

People who have passed through our programs report that they feel happier, less angry, calmer and have more energy. Many notice that their mind is quieter and that they can step back when upset, frightened or angered and be much less judgmental and reactive. Others report improved health, sharpened memory, a sense of well-being, and enhanced concentration and more.

Thereís no "right" result, no "right" way, and because each personís needs are unique and different, we help you find the meditative skills that will best serve you. Whether in a group program or individual instruction, we provide support for your practice by listening to what you say you need, answering questions, providing meditation CDs, and telephone and web support.

A Mindful Path, LLC secular programs and one-on-one instructions employ a simple, user friendly breath meditation that can be used anywhere, anytime. Other mindful skills and meditations such as walking meditation, body scan and gentle stretching give you a range to choose from and you participate at your comfort level. Just as the programs are designed to address particular needs, individual sessions are customized for you.

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