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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Cultivating Emotional Resilience and Peace

Mindfulness is a way to use your mind and body to do what no one else can do for you: take charge of your health and feel more in control of your life. For over 25 years this researched-based program (MBSR) has offered people from all walks of life a way to do just that.

Through instruction and practice you will systematically learn skills that can increase your ability to be less reactive, to focus and concentrate with greater ease, to improve your ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations and pain, and to enhance your ability to feel more connected to life and those you care about. Other benefits reported have included greater energy, improved self-esteem and a sense of well-being.



Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction can help if you suffer from:

  • job, family or personal stress
  • excessive worry, anxiety or panic
  • headaches
  • depression
  • chronic pain or fatigue
  • fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome
  • heart disease, high blood pressure
  • sleep disturbances
  • or if you simply feel your life is "out of control" or "not in balance"

Your will learn to:

  • recognize your signs of stress
  • communicate more effectively
  • understand how thoughts can increase or decrease stress
  • manage your stress in the moment
  • build self-confidence
  • practice mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga and relaxation techniques


  • 2015 dates TBA
  • Eight weekly 2 1/2-hour group sessions, plus a retreat day.

  • Set in a supportive environment in which to learn simple mindfulness meditations with hands-on instruction and skill-building exercises utilizing CDs, workbook and related readings.

  • Cost: $450. Most insurances will partially reimburse this program.

  • Class size is limited.


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